Revenue Management Beneficiaries Include Some Non-traditional Industries

Revenue management is geared toward optimizing financial results, predicting demand and making the best use of inventory and price availability through the informed use of analytics. The implementation of a software solution can help such tasks be performed faster and easier. Certain industries more than likely spring to mind as great candidates: airlines, hotels, car […]


How Large Enterprises Solve Complex B2B Billing at Scale

Some basic facts: Every company, regardless of type, industry demographic or location, needs to bring revenue in the door. Every company across the globe also needs billing to be set up correctly. How should a proper billing setup look in an enterprise? With a focus on large-scale business-to-business (B2B) billing, this setup had a very […]


May The Force Not Be With You

Let’s set the scene… You’re running through the numbers at your cubicle six floors up in the tastefully designed Hutt Towers, which monopolizes much of the harsh, desert skyline on your home planet of Tatooine, and you come to your own harsh realization. Your company, like most spread through the galaxy, faces more complex billing […]


What’s Next for Order-to-Cash?

We weren’t the first and won’t be the last to say it, but we’re whom you’re reading right now so stick with us here for this gem: A company’s order-to-cash processing is critical to its success, yet until foisted upon them by the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, executives rarely paid close attention to that […]


The Rule of Four: Consider These Four Benefits to Automating Revenue Recognition Now

We’ve mentioned some pretty significant changes bringing revenue recognition to top-of-mind status for most all CFOs and Controllers spanning industries worldwide. Revenue accounting has always been complex, but ASC 606 ratcheted that up by a factor of 10. Today’s evolved business landscape and variety of modeling options available create challenges best overcome through the implementation […]


The Complexities of Asset-based Billing Aren’t Unsolvable

Some businesses require more overhead than others, and along with that comes unique challenges. Specifically, industries such as construction, car rental firms, commercial real estate and leasing agencies must all manage significant investments in capital assets effectively in order to ensure profitability. These at-first-glance diverse industries share at least two things in common: complex asset-based […]


Automate or Out-of-Date: 3 Reasons Why Automation Is The Key for Your Organization’s Success!

Published by: Global Fintech Series Authored by: Amit Chaudhry, Head of Marketing, RecVue As a business leader in today’s digital-first era, you need to be constantly seeking innovative ways to improve operational efficiency and build financial intelligence. A recent study shared by SMB Group notes that SMBs that have accelerated technology adoption and investments are 42% more likely […]


Meet Your Revenue Team

For any business interested in staying in business, the ability to predict incoming revenue in future weeks, months and years ahead is a vital necessity. So, yeah, your internal revenue team is kind of a big deal. Regardless of industry, businesses across the globe are in the mode of ever-ballooning expansion, both in competitive channels […]


What CFOs and CIOs Should Know Before Selecting a Billing Platform

Investment in a billing platform for your company can be viewed in terms of time, energy, people and, of course, dollars and cents. Your leadership team is likely considering how to utilize the subscription business model, in which a customer pays recurring fees for product access rather than a one-time purchase, so the criticality of […]


Revenue and Compliance Should Not be Complicated.

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