Back-of-the-House Help for Hospitality

There was something striking in a recent piece on hospitality trends for 2022 published by Oracle, highlighting the need for more high-tech, low-touch options and a rise in automation. The striking thing isn’t that these trends are mentioned as ticking in the up direction for this sector, still in the midst of COVID-19 recovery efforts […]


A Financial Application Implementation’s Secret Sauce

You did it. Whether or not it was part of your company’s efforts to join the digital economy (let’s say for your benefit that, yes, it was a digital economy thing), you led the charge to review and select a modern, technically-advanced and wholly malleable software platform to replace your outdated, inefficient internal financial solution. […]


The Best Valentine’s Day Gift. Ever.

Flowers? Pfft. Temporary and very ‘been there, done that.’ Chocolates? Um, in today’s ultra health-conscious climate? Not on these hips. Card? Hallmark called to say they want you to come up with your own ideas. And words. Home exercise bike? Don’t even go there. Nope. We have the best gift, hands down. You. “What?” you […]


Pricing Should Bend, Not Break

How flexible is your company’s pricing strategy? This question – and how you answer it – has never been more relevant.  Today’s business climate is still adjusting to generational changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chain breakdowns and continued increase in customer entitlement by way of more choice-friendly digital-first financial management […]


Automation in Billing Never More Critical

“Continuity of remote work, supply-chain breakdowns, increased business failures, and a spike in security disasters impacted 2021 revenue and impelled mass migration to cloud services.” This statement from the Top Ten Predictions for 2022 report from Nucleus Research succinctly sums up the year that was, from a business standpoint, as a jumping-off point for what’s […]


A Billing Technology Webinar Postscript

“Billing data is going to become even more valuable because it’s part of a first party data strategy. This data has what a customer purchased, when, what method, the fees charged and other changes throughout a lifecycle along with other record details. It has really useful and unique and contextual information on customers that companies […]


The Lockstep Nature of M&A and Consolidation

Crown Castle, the largest provider of communications infrastructure in the United States, has gone through countless changes in its more than 25 years of existence.  That said, let’s do some counting.  By sheer numbers, the alterations have been significant. A company of less than 1,000 employees over a decade ago now employs more than 5,000. […]


The High Stakes of Billing Technology

“When [billing] goes well, no one cares. When it goes wrong, it’s the end of the world.” Kind of overly dramatic, sure, but in business, also pretty right on the money. Longtime Forrester Senior Analyst Lily Varon attributed that eye-popper of a statement to a customer in one of her articles some time back on […]


Consolidate Your Complexity

Author: Keshav Singh In a world of ever-increasing digitization, businesses need a guide to help them navigate the complexities of modern billing. Only a top-tier solution such as RecVue is capable of fulfilling customer expectations with adaptability and accuracy within a user-friendly, configurable interface. RecVue’s robust billing engine was specifically created to cater to all […]


Revenue and Compliance Should Not be Complicated.

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