Transportation and Logistics

Manage different leasing and transportation transactions quickly.

From car and truck rentals to airport terminal services to long-haul trucking, transportation and logistics firms face unique challenges. Complex chains of partners and representatives are leading to business models that are transforming how they conduct business, calculate costs, issue invoices, and recognize revenue.

Accounting Challenges

Calculating the amount of revenue billed and recognized
RecVue Resolution/Response:

This sophisticated billing engine is built to adapt on the fly for every revenue model on the market. One of the true solution differentiators is the ability to seamlessly integrate and automate billing, data mediation, revenue and partner compensation processes all under one unified platform, for a complete 360-degree view of your critical processes. The solution features a configurable interface to GL for accounting entry accuracy, as well.

Why Its Important:

Properly measuring your company’s revenue, or sales, delivers more actionable information about your business than mere profit alone can provide. Through a true understanding of your revenue, you can leverage the most benefit out of the information being collected.

Different rental location types
RecVue Resolution/Response:

RecVue accommodates complete granularity of billing data, to ensure responsiveness for customers with complexity in partner and location payments, lease billing and payment adjustments. Learn more by reading how RecVue helped handle the global asset billing challenges for Textainer.

Why Its Important:

Make sure you can efficiently determine asset profitability based on accurate revenue knowledge, effectively analyze performance to help determine purchasing decisions and clearly track how the effectiveness of promotional efforts.

Vehicle lease vs ownership
RecVue Resolution/Response:

The RecVue platform differentiates for revenue purposes as necessary, and is designed to track down to the lowest level of detailed billing for item leasing, rentals and/or ownership.

Why Its Important:

When it comes to acquisition and tracking of company resources, leasing is an increasingly useful business tool for organizations of any size. Equipment leasing benefits include the flexibility it allows, tax advantages and opportunities in connection to bottom line balance sheet and payment expenses.

Variable usage components
RecVue Resolution/Response:

Guided by an enterprise-grade billing engine and integrated variable considerations, the RecVue platform delivers integrated billing, revenue and partner compensation capabilities in an all-in-one platform. The solution can ingest data in any form necessary, depending on the billing flavor, including usage billing, asset billing and payments and hybrid options. RecVue’s data mediation layer offers user friendly import, control and consumption flexibility.

Why Its Important:

Usage-based billing has become increasingly important not just for saving, time, costs and adding flexibility to your business pricing, but also for the potential as an effective business growth tool. Not only that, but customers love having all the variable options within this billing evolution for the fair, transparent pricing more aligned to the value they receive.

IoT sensor data and integration
RecVue Resolution/Response:

As with any endpoint, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are billed differently depending on a variety of factors. Device location, where connection was initiated and amount of data used all impace rating usage, highlighting the complexity of the process that can bring all components together for accurate measurement and proper billing. The RecVue platform was designed with the necessary flexibilty and dymamic billing offerings in mind to handle the unique IoT integration requirements.

Why Its Important:

IoT devices are beyond the fringe phase to account for significant contributions to today’s digital business initiatives, and along with that comes heightened expectations to deliver tangible strategic benefits. According to Gartner, this more keenly trained focus is demonstrated by 61% of enterprises showing a high level of IoT maturity.

Agency and referral commissions
RecVue Resolution/Response:

RecVue’s revenue management module enables automated application controls through key features, purpose-built in alignment with ASC 606 / IFRS 15 regulations. This enterprise-grade cloud solution meets all compliance, audit controls and security standards to efficiently manage and accurately report revenue.

Why Its Important:

Accurate revenue recognition, the ability to properly recognize revenue when earned rather than upon payment, is essential because it directly affects the integrity and consistency of a company’s financial reporting.


RecVue Billing & Invoicing for Transportation Datasheet

Learn more about how RecVue’s powerful billing capabilities can be put to use for your specific transportation needs

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RecVue Advantages

RecVue offers the industry’s first suite of Order-to-Cash solutions that are purpose-built to fully automate the complex processes for billing completeness, revenue recognition and channel partner payments in a single solution.

Accelerate the Billing Cycle

Generate - invoices quickly and accurately that reflect all charges and pass-through expenses and avoid invoicing delays.

Tap into Smart Flexibility

Handle all billing scenarios - from monthly fixed and variable charges, to complex billing arrangements thereby providing extreme flexibility.

Integrate with External Systems

RecVue ties into your other systems – including IoT sensors – to auto-populate your calculations and eliminate manual data entry.

Eliminate Spreadsheet Issues

Fully automate the order-to-cash process, eliminating the need for maintaining error-proneonerous spreadsheets..

Account for Usage or Consumption

Capture usage data from virtually any source to map and translate it into a standard billing format. Auto-calculations eliminate error-prone, time-consuming manual data entry.

Improve Productivity

Enable your finance team to accelerate period closes, reduce DSO/DRO, and work more efficiently increase your revenue.

Optimize Revenue and Pricing

Create real-time analyses of your pricing strategies or develop new business models to optimize revenue.

Increase Billing and Invoice Accuracy

Scale from one-time bills to more complex usage/consumption models, using pre-validated bill runs and tailored invoices.

Partner Management

Automate payment remittance to partners and other third-party vendors easily and accurately.

Revenue and Compliance Should Not be Complicated.

Contact us for a demo to see how RecVue gives you complete control of your recurring revenue contracts.