RecVue Billing & Invoicing

Bring flexibility and agility to billing and invoicing.

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Manage Billing and Invoicing for Every Revenue Model and Enable Flexibility and Accuracy, All Within a Single System.

Flexible Billing Events

Choose the events that prompt billing and revenue activity.

Consolidate Bill Runs

Group billing schedules together based on any criteria.

Pre-validate Bill Runs

Review billing schedules and address issues before completing the billing process.

Tailor Invoices

Deliver custom invoices aligned to customer preferences.

Designed for Optimal Flexibility

To maximize this, you must use a billing and monetization platform that has built-in flexibility and agility. RecVue sets no limits on how you bill and invoice your customers. You choose what works for you, your customers, and the market. If something changes in your product offering or the market – you can quickly and easily adjust your billing.

Do what makes sense for your customers, your bottom line, and market opportunity. We make agile billing a reality with the freedom to scale from one-time charges to subscriptions to unlimited usage-based models to whatever billing model you need.

RecVue gives you the billing flexibility that enables you to take customer satisfaction and innovation to the next level.

Flexible Billing Management

To thrive in the XaaS economy you require a next-generation order-to-cash automation platform that removes complexity without sacrificing flexibility and agility. This is exactly what RecVue gives you.

Choose the billing events, pricing model, billing and invoice structure, and billing strategy that fits your packages, bundles, and offers. Take advantage of reporting, analysis, and predictive insights to confirm that you’re choosing the billing events that work today and support growth for tomorrow.

The RecVue user interface makes it easy to choose the events that prompt billing and revenue activity.

Event-based billing

Innovative products and services demand a range of billing event types and options. Move beyond standard time period models and bill based on events such as delivery of a product or service, the percentage completion of contract, on-demand service orders, etc. RecVue matches billing to the characteristics of your products and services.

Flexible Invoicing

Choose how you invoice and bill your customers. Create separate bills for special offers and promotions, bill for specific events in real-time, scale bills based on usage and rating, break large monthly payments into manageable invoices, and pause billing based on contract terms.

It is your product and your customers, so you choose how you want to bill and invoice.

Consolidate, Test and Review Bill Runs

The quickest way to lose a customer is with an incorrect bill. Do not let this be your downfall. RecVue makes it easy for you to pre-validate and test bill runs before completing the billing process.

Customer satisfaction and the customer experience are the keys to success in the subscription economy. Along with offering innovative products and services, your innovation must include your billing and invoicing strategy.

Be ready for customers who register with a special offer then transition to a monthly payment schedule who then pause their subscription for two months and then resume on a weekly basis. No customer or billing scenario should be too complex or challenging.

Remember, if you can’t give your customers what they want from product through to billing and pricing, they will turn to your competitors. And this is exactly why you must test and review your billing schedule and process before you start billing.

Know that how you’re billing your customers is the right approach. Bill consolidation lets you extend customization to any billing criteria. Choose from our pre-defined list of billing criteria or create your own billing criteria rules.

Billing and Invoicing Should Not Be Complicated.

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