Don’t Be a Turkey!

The North American tradition of the Thanksgiving holiday is typically centered around family, food and – for those in much of the lower section of the continent – the American version of football. That’s a fairly well-known fact. What might not be so well known about the holiday? Welp, how about…. The very first Thanksgiving […]


The Blueprint for Large Enterprise Order-to-Cash

Monolithic vs. Microservices Through a basic understanding of each word’s meaning, this side-by-side comparison conjures up visuals of a biblical battle between David and Goliath or maybe an elephant in close proximity to its overlooked, much-feared prey, the mouse. Anything putting up a much larger, yet slow-witted and lumbering giant against a smaller, spry and […]


Technology Trends for 2022

It’s hard to believe the year 2021 is edging close to an end. We’re as shocked as you are. In one respect, these past 10+ months have been about a 27 years long extension of 2020 and in another – absolutely opposite – respect, the year has flown by. In any case, we’re in technology […]


The Power of Unification

The team from Deloitte knows a significant gap when it sees one, and it saw one. To be honest, though, the company that sought Deloitte’s help wasn’t oblivious to the challenge at hand. Hertz, the world-renowned car rental firm, required the ability to handle all of today’s latest billing models for its wide variety of […]


You Know What’s Really Scary?

Everything has a before and an after. Everything. You, the reader, now have a before and after in relation to reading this post. That’s called bringing the reader into the story.  Don’t be scared, though. Or maybe you should be…  be very scared. Because while the end result of your company’s digital transformation will hopefully […]


Your Order to Cash Needs a Brain

Every system that works well has a certain order to it. Form and function each have their place. The central nervous system operating inside each of us may only consist of the brain and spinal cord, but the estimated 100 billion neurons snapping away within that brain gathers information from the entire body to coordinate […]


When One Isn’t Enough

Leadership within almost every company today is keenly aware of what is necessary to sustain growth and longevity in today’s digital economy. However, recognizing and achieving that long-term success are two very different things. To keep pace, companies are being asked to make quite drastic changes in foundational processes and in the systems through which […]


The Value of Consolidating Your Systems

  A place for everything, everything in its place.                                                                                          – Ben […]


The Rise of the CFRO: Today’s Chief Finance Revolution Officer

The new normal. We’ve probably all said that phrase a lot over the past year-plus. Like, A LOT, a lot. In business, and in life, in general. The ratcheted-up business challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic layered on top of ongoing machinations of digital transformation pack a potent one-two punch. This has created an […]

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