There’s More to the Economy Than Subscriptions

In our digitally infused and SaaS-centric migration among much of today’s enterprise-level business, it’s no wonder everyone raves about the subscription revenue model. It’s subscription this and subscription that, everywhere a subscription. “You get a subscription! You get a subscription! And, you get a subscription,” to coin Oprah. But, while the subscription model, in which […]


The Risks of Restatement

* psst we’re gonna talk about something nobody in your finance department wants to talk about, so we’ll be quiet about it…. pretend we’re not here … or that we’re talking about warm sand beaches and soft, rolling tides or something *  For the non-finance folks in the IT space who are reading this, let’s […]


Let’s Talk About IoT

If the concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT) were a person, you’d be able to buy it an adult beverage so let’s assume a full-fledged history of the term isn’t necessary. That being said, let’s set a baseline description: The Internet of Things refers to the sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects […]


Optimizing Your Business Strategy: The Playful Partnership of the CIO and CFO Roles

The world of business is like a playground. Well, it should be. Work would be a lot more fun if that were the case. Playgrounds not only conjure up instant memories but a wealth of communal metaphors applicable elsewhere in life. Consider the activities of tug of war and the merry-go-round. Each is fun and […]


Our Ascend 2021 Postscript

Given all that’s come before it this past year and a half, it’s an understatement to say this week’s Ascend 2021 Oracle users conference, jointly presented by the Oracle Applications & Technology Users Group (OATUG) and Oracle HCM Users Group (OHUG), was an impressive success for all in attendance, in-person and virtually. Look at it […]


RecVue Asset Billing: Know the Essential Details of your Critical Resources

Are you asset-rich? Better yet, how do you know? An asset can mean many different things, of course, but for our purposes, an asset is a resource with specific economic value owned or controlled by a corporation with an expectation of potential future benefit. Bought or created to increase a firm’s value or for the […]


What Your Data Says About You

Though originally coined, it’s believed, in the late 1980s as a reference to increasing data volumes, the concept of ‘big data’ really took off in the aughts (ok, fine, the 2000s) when members of Gartner, the global research and advisory firm, expanded the definition to include the 3Vs: Increasing Volume of data being stored and […]


Using big data to make better pricing decisions

Data. Data. Data. It’s a twist on the age-old real estate agent adage of “Location. Location. Location.” to explain the wild fluctuations of home property values. In this instance, the one-word, thrice-repeated maxim highlights the increasingly powerful role a company’s utilization of its own compiled information plays in its success. The days of sole reliance […]


Consolidate Your Complexity

Author: Keshav Singh   Due to the complexities of modern billing, businesses today are losing time and money.  According to findings from a survey by the research firm Censuswide, nearly three-quarters of finance organizations spend as much as 520 hours (about 10 people hours per week) annually on manual accounts payable tasks such as invoice […]

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