RAMP360 Helps Large Enterprises Accelerate Growth

RecVue Agile Monetization Platform (RAMP360) truly defines both our commitment to innovation and our purpose of powering large enterprises to accelerate growth and profitability in the digital economy. Through RAMP360, our aim is squarely focused on delivering digital-first monetization solutions through peerless functionality and performance for speedy and scalable results. “Simply put, our business is […]


Fortune Telling Superpower at your Fingertips

“Billing data covers a huge amount of information and that’s the kind of information that drives change in your organization.” – Chris Sanders, Developing Billing into a Value Adding Customer Experience webinar Sanders, a globally recognized consultant with 30-plus years of experience who acknowledges much of his time spent these days is on billing improvement, […]


Usage-Based Pricing: An Evolution For The Taking

Published by: Forbes In this guest-authored article for Forbes, RecVue CEO Nishant Nair, a member of the Forbes Technology Council, discusses the mainstream move for usage-based pricing models and why this will only increase with time. Is your business in danger of becoming the “boiling frog?” It might be if it’s in the software and […]


Getting Ahead of the Natural Forces of Continuous Transformation

We’ve come to expect that a beginning is followed by an end. Nature continually illustrates this notion. Seasons come and go, bringing life, and eventually falling quietly to rest on the footprints of generations past. A different perspective would aptly note that nature represents continual transformation. As John Irving wrote in The World According to […]


Taking the Pulse of 2022

“Executives have always told us that investing in digital transformation is the smartest way forward. This year many plan to build on those investments…” Those words are found within the most recent PwC Pulse Survey and essentially form the spine of the findings for this latest version of the occasional, well, pulse-taking of executives, initiated […]


When the Result Isn’t Apples to Apples

Every successful organization will go through a digital transformation. If not now, then very, very soon. The pandemic has certainly goosed planning in this area, with most such corporate efforts well underway, according to research by Forrester and KPMG. A big question for many at the end of these mammoth overhauls from longtime legacy systems […]


Developing Billing into a Value Adding Customer Experience: A Postscript

“Billing touches more people more often within a business, that’s why we should be thinking of it in a much more holistic way. It’s much more customer-facing than anything else within an organization.” Those insightful words were one of the big picture ideals shared by billing expert Chris Sanders on the recent RecVue webinar titled […]


Applying ASC 606: SaaS Revenue Management Considerations

You know. We know. Everyone knows.  The ASC 606 revenue recognition standard is here, has been here for a while, and, as entities moving beyond the implementing stage to the application and disclosure on financial statements stage are learning, it hits everyone a little differently. Take the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) sector, for instance. As Deloitte noted […]


In Transformation, Everyone is a Decision Maker

“It takes a village.” A dated reference, to be sure, but in today’s digital economy, the theme remains super relevant. In the race for every organization to embrace and achieve a digital transformation to position it for long lasting growth and stability, there’s more than one stop for that virtual ‘buck.’ Everyone in the C-suite […]

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