Partner Management

Optimize revenue opportunity through channel partners.

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Enable Agile Management of Revenue Share Models and Partner Compensation Agreements with Our Attribute-Based Rules System.


Define rules to automatically determine revenue for distributors, resellers and other partners based on customer consumption and usage


Attribute-based rules allow for regional site and product variations to calculate payments


Automate pay-side obligations, manage contract modifications and integrate with the payables ledger to record liabilities

Channel Partners are Critical for Growth

This opportunity however has resulted in a highly competitive marketplace where it can be  challenging to maintain customer loyalty. Intelligent algorithms, social media influencers, and digital noise can make it hard to build and grow brand loyalty.

This is why you need to give your customers easy access to value-add partnerships and third-party offerings. RecVue makes it easy for you to expand your revenue opportunities by including products andservices from your partners and other third parties.

Rollout specialized promotions for long-term customers or promote a third-party product as part of a new packaging bundle. You choose how you want to promote, price, and bill for integrated product and service opportunities.

RecVue makes it straight-forward for you to reconcile this new revenue, to measure and analyze usage data, and to bill for these new events – all in one solution.

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Remember there are no limits on what you can do in today’s economy.