Technology Trends for 2022

November 11, 2021

Published by: chandrika

It’s hard to believe the year 2021 is edging close to an end. We’re as shocked as you are. In one respect, these past 10+ months have been about a 27 years long extension of 2020 and in another - absolutely opposite - respect, the year has flown by.

In any case, we’re in technology and it’s always important to have an eye toward the future. Last year around this time, the overriding factor was - and, in large part, remains - COVID-19 and the impact the pandemic had on the business landscape as a whole, and to digital technology investment and vision.

Taking a virtual gander through the interwebs shows some common themes to the forecasted technology trends for the coming year.

Come along with us on this tech trend talk tour, won’t you?

Big time data needs and bigger time automation leans

Hyperautomation, connected, hybrid experiences and a veritable explosion of data-driven business are among the Top 7 Trends Shaping Digital Transformation in 2022 reported in ZDNet, based on MuleSoft research.

The continued trend toward collaboration platforms and automation, according to the report, was buoyed by statistics from Gartner indicating a 44% surge in these efforts between 2019 and 2021. In addition, statistics show 30% of companies have already implemented automation initiatives, with 44% in the midst of an implementation, in order to achieve better-connected experiences. Automation, per ZDNet, will be the fundamental driving force for the modern digital enterprise rather than being used in piecemeal projects.

The same report trumpets the data-driven business as another big boom trend, noting an annual growth of 30% experienced by true data-driven organizations, according to findings by Accenture.

Gartner, the global research and consulting firm, noted as part of its announced technology trends for 2022 and beyond that while 2020 and part of 2021 have been about corporate survival, the immediate future is focusing on a path to growth. This is based on the company’s research, released last month, projecting the highest growth rate for IT budgets of the past decade, 3.6% higher than 2021 levels, themselves 2% higher than 2020 levels.

These projected trends from Gartner, reported in Forbes, also include hyperautomation along with autonomic systems, decision intelligence and more cloud-native platforms.

Seeing a trend in the trending?

Layered Data in the Cloud

Gartner views the idea of data fabric as a growing effort in technology, describing the concept as an integrated layer of data and connecting processes in order to foster resilient and flexible integration of data across business users and platforms.

Gartner predicts that in the next two years, one-third of large enterprises will use decision intelligence, which aims to model decisions in a repeatable manner through automation. The firm also believes cloud-native platforms, leveraging cloud technology for IT-related capabilities, will serve as the foundation for most digital initiatives by the middle of this decade.

Looking over the coming trends for digital transformation reported in the InfoTech Report recently, we are seeing much the same: Data is king, automation efforts continue to flourish, more companies are turning to multiple cloud systems and analytics will enhance to the betterment of more resilient supply chains.

Clearly, the indications are all over the place that as companies continue the overall journey out of the wilderness of COVID survival into a more growth-centric mode, technologies that can benefit digital transformations to deliver this end result will be of the utmost interest and importance.

It’s a digital-first world we live in, and the technologies that bring an enterprise to the forefront of this world remain the most eagerly sought.

For the IDC report, titled FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2022 Predictions, Rick Villars, VP for World Research for the firm, said of this world of digital permanence, “IT and communications industries themselves will be among the most transformed in the next few years.”

He added: “CIOs must establish procurement, development, and operations teams that align with as-a-service and outcomes-centric technology delivery models while ICT providers’ primary task is to help enterprises share, use, govern, and increase the value of data.”

Mutually aligned technology. Highly valued data. That sure seems to be 2022 trending topics in a nutshell.

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