Revolutionizing Recurring Revenue for Large Enterprises with a flexible SaaS Subscription Billing Solution

October 26, 2023

Published by: Robin Beetge

Know the features you need to easily manage all recurring billing.

Your billing model is complex. Revenue streams constantly evolve. You have customers on a variety of pricing strategies. This is causing you headaches and costing you money.

You are losing customers and getting left behind.

It's time to stop wasting time with generic, off-the-shelf billing solutions designed for simple scenarios, with a promise of process simplification.

You need RecVue and our agile billing solution. You need to take advantage of an enterprise-level billing solution designed to support your complex and unique billing demands.  Automation, yes. Simplification might prove to be a little more elusive.

Say goodbye to over-complicated tools, spreadsheets, revenue leakage, frustrated customers, and custom software.

RecVue is your competitive advantage – a tailored solution that automates and scales to your revenue model.

Understanding Recurring Billing

Recurring billing is a business model in which customers are automatically charged a regular fee for a product or service over a predetermined period. Products or services that people subscribe to or use on a regular basis are prime opportunities for recurring billing.

There are two types of recurring billing:

  • Fixed Recurring Billing: your customers are billed a consistent amount during each billing cycle. This model is commonly used for newspaper subscriptions, gym memberships, SaaS solutions, and various digital products and services.
  • Variable Recurring Billing: the billed amount varies for your customers based on their usage or the quantity they consume. Utility services, food delivery platforms, mobile plans, car-sharing programs, and SaaS solutions often use this billing model.

The key for large enterprises offering SaaS subscriptions is to give customers a billing option that meets their unique needs. Savvy companies know they shouldn’t force legacy customers to upgrade to a new billing model and that they need to satisfy new customers with personalized billing models.

All billing models, including agile, price, and asset billing with custom billing schedules, must be available to your customers. This is your competitive advantage. This is how you secure a consistent revenue stream. This is how you keep legacy and new customers happy. This is how successful SaaS enterprises are doing business.


9 Features Every Enterprise-Level SaaS Subscription Billing Solution Needs

Your SaaS subscription billing solution must have these features:

  1. Encrypted Data Security: end-to-end architecture and application-level security ensures all private customer account data, passwords, and billing schedules are secured in adherence to data privacy standards.
  2. Data as a Service: take advantage of granular billing data analytics to fully understand where your enterprise is thriving and where you have room for improvement. Intelligent report generation gives you the real-time data you need to develop realistic business strategies.
  3. Cloud-Based: 24/7/365 on-demand access, availability, and data intelligence are essential for both you and your customers. Cloud-based SaaS subscription billing solutions are easier to configure, faster to scale, and enable instant compliance with customer requests and changing market opportunities
  4. Flexible Configuration: support for all billing models and currencies means you choose what works best for you, your customers, and the market. Easily automate and configure subscription billing models to meet your needs – with no limits on how you bill and invoice your customers.
  5. Invoicing and Accounting: rely on automated invoice management and payment reconciliation to put a stop to revenue leakage and alleviate dunning management challenges. Use our templates or create your own to generate clear and accurate invoices that include your company branding and voice.
  6. Communications Management: clarity is key for you and your customers and the best way to ensure this is with consistent communications. Give your customers the support they need with personalized billing, payment, dunning, subscription, product notifications, and updates.
  7. Accounting Standards Compliance: standardized and automated revenue recognition in compliance with ASC 606, ASC 842, IFRS 15, and IFRS 16. Ensure complete visibility of all your revenue data for accurate reconciliation and matching.
  8. Scalable and Flexible Integration: seamlessly integrate with existing tools, systems, and infrastructure without needing 24/7 IT support. Manage custom integrations with an open API that supports the way you like to do business.
  9. Self-Service Customer Portal: give your customers control over their billing and payment schedules with a cloud-based customer portal, ensuring always-on real-time access. An informed and in-control customer is a happy customer.

You need a sophisticated billing solution that is adaptable, intelligent, and straightforward. You need what RecVue delivers.

Unlocking Revenue Growth with RecVue

At RecVue we specialize in eliminating challenges for enterprise-level SaaS subscription businesses like yours.

Our sole focus on solving your complex revenue automation challenges means you get a SaaS subscription billing solution that transforms your growth plan.

RecVue eliminates challenges so you can accelerate your business:

  • Complex Pricing Models
    RecVue is designed to support recurring, usage-based, asset, volume, custom, and subscription billing options.
  • Subscription Flexibility
    RecVue is inherently adaptable, making it easy for you to respond to customer requests and market fluctuations.
  • Global Management and Operations
    RecVue gives you the diversity to accept and process multiple currencies, tax standards, and compliance regulations wherever your customers are located.
  • Revenue Leakage
    RecVue gives you billing intelligence, payment reconciliation, account history, precise invoicing, subscription flexibility, contract management, and data analytics to put an end to costly revenue leakage
  • ERP and CRM System Integration
    RecVue fits into your existing ERP and CRM systems, eliminating onboarding and integration challenges.
  • Data Security
    RecVue keeps you out of the news for compromised customer data or insufficient security protocols.
  • Customer Churn
    RecVue supports your customers – whatever their demands, you have the capability to give them the billing and payment models that make it easy for them to be long-term subscribers.
  • Auditing Compliance
    RecVue makes it easy for you to comply with auditing requests with accurate billing history, compliance, data intelligence, and account management.
  • Market Agility
    RecVue keeps you ready to adjust to changing market demands, new service and feature roll-outs, promotions and sales, and economic volatility.

RecVue gives you complete and total control over your billing and revenue model.

Questions to Ask About SaaS Subscription Billing Solutions

We know it’s not easy to choose a SaaS subscription billing solution. For us, it’s obvious – RecVue gives you exactly what you need today and for long-term growth.

But we understand – you need to be 100% confident in your choice. As you research SaaS subscription billing solutions, expect the following of your potential solutions:

  • Demonstrate complex billing scenarios in a live environment. Start with today’s most challenging, inefficient processes.
  • Show how real-world scheduling challenges are managed.
  • How are revenue share scenarios managed in your solution?
  • Understand data mediation – complexity often means many disparate data sources. Is this reliant on a third-party solution?

We are not a mass market solution.

We are the SaaS subscription billing solution for enterprises with complex billing and revenue models. We are your best choice. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see for yourself how RecVue gives you a competitive advantage.

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