Revenue Management

Comprehensive revenue recognition, complex contract revenue automation.

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Systemize Revenue Recognition Accounting for High Volume and Complex Transactions, Meet ASC 606 and IFRS 15 Requirements and Streamline Compliance.

Optimize Revenue

Eliminate revenue leakage and prevent churn.

Intelligent Recognition Triggers

Recognize revenue based on the activities from any source system.

Simplify Compliance

Automatically calculate revenue waterfalls and easily maintain retrospective and prospective changes.

Increased confidence in your revenue numbers

Subscription and XaaS billing mean that you’re managing a range of billing, invoicing, payment, and event categories. Monthly subscriptions, special promotions, weekly orders, one-time purchases, usage and volume-based pricing, and paused subscriptions are just a few scenarios that companies need to accurately reconcile.

RecVue takes the complexity out of revenue compliance with automated invoice processing. Along with ensuring that bills and invoices are processed on time and accurately, RecVue also gives you insight into payment gaps, slow-downs, revenue leakage, and room for improvement and growth.

Rely on RecVue as your single point of contact and one true ledger for billing, revenue, and compliance. We know that the XaaS economy encompasses a broad range of products, services, and monetization strategies. RecVue is designed to work for you, your customers, your market, and your business.

Built-in flexibility and agility mean that RecVue can support any monetization strategy. Contact us for a demo of how easy it is to configure your custom templates, rules, and policies.

Optimize Revenue

Managing multiple product and service options with a range of pricing models can be challenging. You cannot afford to lose revenue and miss out on opportunity.

With RecVue you get real-time insight, alerts, rules, and reporting intelligence ensuring you maximize all revenue possibilities.

Billing and accounting data visibility

Get complete visibility into your billing and account status. Use this data to optimize revenue opportunities, to tailor product and service offerings, to streamline accounting, and to eliminate revenue leakage

One revenue subledger

Working with one subledger is the only way to eliminate billing and accounting errors. Configure RecVue to monitor, reconcile, allocate, and process revenue for any pricing model, promotion strategy, and billing approach.

Billing and invoicing flexibility

Manage revenue on a schedule that fits your unique needs. Using custom rules and policies, you decide how RecVue manages billing and invoicing. Easily handle new packages and pricing bundles, special promotions, one-time offers, temporary accounts, foreign currencies, and a wide range of event types.

Eliminate revenue leakage and prevent churn with big data-backed insights and analysis.

Intelligent Recognition Triggers

Nothing is static in the XaaS economy. How you deliver products and services today could be very different next month and definitely next year. This demands that you have a monetization platform in place that can handle anything you throw at it.

Agility and flexibility don’t just mean that you can quickly rollout new product and service offerings. It also means that you have the capability to adjust your pricing models, bundles, and packages to better optimize revenue and growth.

Configure RecVue to gather data in real-time from a range of sources including IOT sensors, machines, files, APIs, applications, mobile devices, wearables, and more. Integrate with our API to define custom data sources and usage models.

And then with the power of big data, RecVue gives you the predictive insights and analysis into this data that lets you strategically price, bundle, and package your products and services.

Recognize revenue based on activities, inputs, and usage from any source at any time.

Simplify Compliance

Traditionally revenue compliance is complicated and time-consuming. We knew there had to be a better way, and this is why we designed RecVue to take out the complexity and keep the visibility and transparency.

You get billing, invoicing, and accounting data when you need it and in formats that are easy to manage and reconcile. Excel spreadsheets, multiple ledgers, disparate accounting systems, and time-consuming review meetings are in your past.

Now you can focus on expanding into new business lines, streamlining your product offering, capitalizing on new market opportunities, scaling growth, and maximizing customer satisfaction. Yes, you still need to process revenue and compliance, but now it’s not taking up all of your time and energy.

RecVue is designed to handle the complexity so you don’t have to.

Revenue and Compliance Should Not be Complicated.

Contact us for a demo to see how RecVue gives you complete control of your recurring revenue contracts.