Much more than a car rental agency, Hertz is truly a global brand, encompassing more than 43,000 locations across the planet amid a network of over 40,000+ partners, all combined for a total of 4.5M monthly rental agreements.


Rental Agreements and Invoices per month across 100,000 pricing rules


Partners (Tours, Licenses, Travel Agents, Etc) Paid


Commissions and Concession Contracts


Licensee Locations Globally
Transportation and logistics
Annual Revenue
Company Type


The Hertz Corporation is the only true global car rental company and the Hertz brand is one of the most recognized in the world.


Manage different commission programs

Inaccurate commission settlements leading to claim adjustments

Manage Franchise Revenue share and Intercompany Revenue splits

Visibility to rental agreements and related commissions


RecVue helped Hertz integrate their billing and compensation into a single system of record, automate the key elements of accrual and streamline settlement of contra revenue items. RecVue is also managing their partner commission programs, franchise revenue share rules and intercompany revenue splits.


By implementing RecVue solution, Hertz attained a much higher level of partner/franchise satisfaction due to faster revenue settlements RecVue solution also provided Hertz the visibility into millions of rental agreements and commissions transactions, reducing operational inefficiencies while increasing auditability & control. RecVue’s implementation added tremendous confidence to Hertz financial statements and saw them launching new services that grew its stock price by 8%.

Revenue and Compliance Should Not be Complicated.

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