Keeping Your Friends Close

June 17, 2021

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We’ve written a great deal in this space about the value of partnerships

In business, as in life, partnerships can spark creativity, build stability and foster growth.

We take great pride in such foundational achievements as earning certified membership in the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), building our automation platform on Oracle Cloud infrastructure and its availability in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Our native integration has allowed us to provide true value to any ERP solution in areas including order management, subscriptions, recurring billing, revenue recognition, partner compensation and commissions management.

This well-established close relationship with Oracle has afforded us several benefits of a complementary native integration, including:

  • The leveraging of Oracle big data for hyper-scale processing
  • Alignment on SLAs, patch/release and security/disaster recovery
  • Support for hybrid environments
  • Use of a single customer and product record
  • Use of a single system for cash application, collections and revenue recognition


(And here’s where we come to the hard truths section of today’s missive)

Our intimate knowledge has positioned us to understand better - and earlier - than most that Oracle and other ERP systems are inherently ill-equipped to handle today’s complex business needs. Heck, even yesterday’s business needs, if we’re being honest, as these systems were never designed for the functionality being asked of them in recent years.

Yes, the Oracle Cloud - and other such cloud-based, digital operations platforms (DOP) - is a more modern solution to the original intent of supply chain management and as a general ledger, but complex business models, needs and expectations remain out-of-reach.

We understand Oracle customers are unable to handle today’s complexity without resorting to customization or remaining mired in more manual processes. And for those organizations stuck under earlier ERP systems, such gaps are stop-before-you-start reasons not to disrupt the legacy.

We’re the partner willing to wear our hearts on our make-believe sleeves and transparent enough to call out the weaknesses of the other half.

Weaknesses including the inability to automate customer use cases seeking to:

  • Calculate complex billing
  • Handle multi-channel payments
  • Address high volume usage billing
  • Cover complex revenue recognition
  • Incorporate multi-product, hardware, software, services scenarios

(As we alluded to, we’re more of the tough love, hard truths side of the partnership; don’t hate, just relate)

Yet, we remain true to this partnership and our decision to reside in the Oracle Cloud. 


It’s because we have the answers. We’ve capitalized on that Oracle infrastructure while eliminating those risk concerns. We address complexity without resorting to customization, cut through the glut of manual processes with our unified platform and extend those previously referenced legacy system limitations to take care of what Oracle cannot.

Oracle: great

RecVue: great

Oracle + RecVue: the best of both worlds

Contact us today to learn how RecVue’s order-to-cash solutions can help you modernize your business to better address today’s complexities. Granted, not everyone might achieve World Wide Technology’s billing time reduction from 120 to 1-3 days, but you never know until you try.


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