RecVue Revenue Management

Solve your revenue recognition challenges with integrity, flexibility and timeliness

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Complete revenue automation solution designed with compliance, configurable policy controls and 360-degree visibility

Little has changed in the ongoing challenges of revenue recognition, but much has evolved in how those challenges are addressed. There’s now a need for a unified view across finance information for revenue recognition to replace siloed processes and disparate systems. What continues to matter, however, is the quality of incoming data, how and when to recognize revenue with regulatory compliance and timely access to that data.

Why RecVue?

The unique contract-centered approach allows RecVue to scale and adapt to various business models having recurring, nonrecurring and mixed business models for revenue recognition.

Trust in your data

An enterprise-grade cloud solution designed to meet compliance, audit controls and security standards when incorporating data from multiple sources, efficiently able to manage and accurately report revenue.

Big volumes at speed and scale

Agility and flexibility to process high volumes, adapt to current and future product and service offerings, with capabilities to manage revenue recognition policies to optimize growth.


Put trust in the quality of your data

  • Designed specifically to automate manual workarounds by integrating with existing systems to aggregate data
  • Using the power of big data, automates revenue tasks for all complex models, replacing the need to retrofit your ERP or CRM
  • Configurable interface to GL for accounting entry accuracy
  • Supports evolving business initiatives at high volume without disruption
  • SOC 1 & 2 Type II certified


Configurable rules for all revenue models

  • Purpose-built with flexible rules-based configuration, designed to solve current and future complex revenue recognition challenges
  • Easily adapts and scales to changing business models to meet corporate objectives in transitioning to the next level of growth and revenue attainment
  • Out-of-the-box standard operational reports, with user layout capabilities, for revenue accounting and disclosures


Revenue automation for high volume and complex models

  • Smart automated solutions built to eliminate manual workarounds to manage transactional data processing
  • One-time set-ups to automate complex revenue policies for usage-based, recurring and non-recurring revenue models
  • Automated revenue processes deliver consistency, improved accuracy and reduced time-to-close cycles
  • Revenue reports updated in real-time

Compliance and Control

RecVue enables these automated application controls through key features, purpose-built in alignment with ASC606 / IFRS 15 regulations

Automated features for each of the five steps:

RecVue Automation Feature ASC 606 Guidance Step
Order/transaction grouping dentify the contract with a customer
POB grouping for revenue contract, amendments and contract modifications Identify each performance obligation in the contract
SSP calculation and validation Determine the transaction price
Revenue allocations Allocate the transaction price to each performance obligation
Revenue events, schedules and accounting entries Recognize revenue for satisfied performance obligations

Robust Revenue Reporting

Great consideration is taken to convert transactional data into valuable information for contract revenue management and insights. This holistic revenue automation approach creates meaningful data to share crossfunctionally with key stakeholders through comprehensive reporting capabilities.

  • Operational Reporting – Facilitates daily operational reporting requirements for Revenue Users
  • Operational analytics – Slice, dice and drill down ad-hoc sections of transactional data for audiences including Revenue Analysts, Revenue Directors & Controllers to optimize, tune and make decisions on assumptions and policies
  • Audit Reporting – Provides an audit trail pinpointing exact changes in the system for Revenue Users & Auditors to understand changes to configurations, policies and transactional data
  • Insights & Dashboard – Provides concise and targeted insights on revenue and related areas for C-suite audiences for business decision-making and external reporting

Unification for 360° View

One of RecVue’s unique differentiators is the ability to seamlessly integrate and automate revenue with billing and partner compensation processes that could impact how and when revenue is recognized. RecVue’s unique contract-centered approach allows you to visualize profitability across order-to-revenue processes within a single solution. Flexible automation to define interdependent requirements provides a complete 360-degree view, consolidating your company’s most meaningful financial processes to manage revenue.

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