Why Business Services are Undergoing a Monetization Facelift

Whether it’s office management, parking management, or other property-management businesses, it’s a challenge to account for the complex business models that customers demand – all while ensuring timely, accurate billing and revenue recognition. In many sectors, businesses charge monthly rates plus a combination of additional usage fees based on anything from one-time events, extra cleanings, number of employees, office square footage, garbage tonnage (and type) or other metrics.

For example, parking services firms are also increasingly shifting to new business models that factor in occupancy rates, revenue sharing, billing and collections services, as well as additional services such as line repainting, power-washing, snowplowing. What’s more, off-peak and seasonality discounts add further complexity. That’s why your finance team needs a platform to manage these revenue challenges and achieve GAAP compliance – and that’s where RecVue shines. Our enterprise-class monetization platform has the sophistication to help you automatically manage complex billing and invoicing – all in one single, holistic view for business services firms of all stripes.

Why make the switch:

Accelerate your Billing Cycle:

You can’t afford invoicing delays that lengthen days sales outstanding (DSO). RecVue helps you generate invoices quickly and accurately that reflect all charges and pass-through expenses.

Tap into Smart Flexibility

Different businesses have different billing scenarios and prices – from monthly rates to additional usage-based fees and surcharges. RecVue handles all the complexities of billing, invoicing, and revenue.

Eliminate Spreadsheet Issues

Instead of maintaining and consolidating dozens or hundreds of external spreadsheets for different business units, locations, or lines of business, RecVue lets you handle all complex calculations within its own platform.

Account for Usage or Consumption

Whether it’s snow plowing, garbage collection, additional custodial cleaning, parking revenues, or even parking-agent commissions, RecVue captures usage data from virtually any source to map and translate it into a standard billing format. Auto-populating your calculations eliminates error-prone, time-consuming manual data entry.

Improve Productivity

RecVue enables your finance team to accelerate period closes, reduce DSO/DRO, and increase your revenue.

Increase Billing and Invoice Accuracy

Scale from one-time bills to complex usage and consumption models. Allocate expenses to cost centers and clients. RecVue provides pre-validated bill runs and tailored invoices.

Revenue Recognition

Whether it’s quarterly or monthly management fees, you can achieve GAAP compliance and automate revenue calculations.


RecVue gives you a 360-degree view into your contracts with its easy-to-use self-service reporting.

Partner Management 

RecVue helps automate payment remittance to partners and other third-party vendors.

Recurring revenue business models, often deployed through subscription or usage-based revenue streams, are becoming popular not only amongst business services sector, software and technology vendors, but this emerging revenue stream is also creating new opportunities across most industrial sectors, including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, media, business services, leasing, transportation and logistics.

In fact, according to a recent CFO Research study, more than half of surveyed senior finance executives report that at least 40% of their current revenues are recurring, and even more finance chiefs expect to reach the 40% level in five years. To be successful, CFOs need to adapt and learn how to monetize recurring revenue models to drive business strategy and profitability. As companies adopt or expand their reliance on recurring revenue, they need a modern monetization platform that supports the entire order to cash process. When finance deploys a flexible monetization platform, they can help to promote experimentation with business models and pricing and allow the organization to operationalize successful practices and change their approach as they learn what works.

Organizations are drawn to this new recurring revenue business model because they offer steady and predictable revenue streams with reduced risk and a high potential for growth. For some organizations, transitioning to a recurring revenue model provides a path to new markets and geographical regions. For others, the competitive landscape is driving the need to adopt this business model. Whatever the business reason for the shift, recurring revenue models are the future and CFOs are positioned well to guide their organizations through this transformation. Finally, more reliable revenue streams and deeper customer relationships make the recurring revenue business model more attractive not only to customers but also potential investors.

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Revenue and Compliance Should Not be Complicated.

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