The Best Valentine’s Day Gift. Ever.

Flowers? Pfft. Temporary and very ‘been there, done that.’

Chocolates? Um, in today’s ultra health-conscious climate? Not on these hips.

Card? Hallmark called to say they want you to come up with your own ideas. And words.

Home exercise bike? Don’t even go there.

Nope. We have the best gift, hands down.


“What?” you say.

To be more precise, more of you.

Yes, get ready for your loved one to be amazed, as you shower them with the gift that, yes in this instance does qualify for this qualifier – keeps on giving. More time to be attentive. More time to spend engaged in the activities you both love to do together. More active involvement of yourself.

Aaaaaand, you’re welcome.

Again, “What?”

This heartfelt gift comes compliments of RecVue.

You’re reading this because you’re in the business of finance, billing, revenue, invoicing and pricing, activities that typically don’t care about day or night, weekday or weekend. Since these processes are the backbone of your business survival, success and stability, timetables and due dates are usually of the “how soon can you have this for me?” and the “ASAP” variety. Depending on the solution you rely upon, that could mean you – your focus, your attention, your engagement – are tied to that inflexible timing as well.

Love Your Work, Live Your Life

There are many reasons to embrace automation and other technological achievements built into a monetization platform such as RecVue as part of a true digital transformation for your company, but how about the time you get back to be with the ones your love?

Consider the following benefits through applying such a solution:

     1.  Develop Financial Intelligence

By automating financial systems, the finance team can access accurate and up-to-date information needed for data analysis and insights. This access creates an insightful, proactive and empowered team offering true strategic impact on the surrounding business. This real-time and precise data access helps power the entire business, but it can optimize some areas more than others, including:

  • Costing and pricing – automation can help integrate various business functions critical to job costing such as finance and time tracking
  • Cash flow – automatically send out invoices and payment reminders, and accept payments through multiple channels – enabling faster payment from customers.  while also reducing payment friction and overdue balances.
  • Decision-making – financial automation enables real-time reporting and queries, allowing for insight into emerging trends and the ability to take action to improve outcomes, instead of waiting around for end-of-month reports.

    2.  Build Operational Efficiency

By adopting automated processes developed by RecVue and other vanguards of today’s digital economy, you gain operational efficiencies that can help reduce the cost of people-time. These optimized processes take less time to capture necessary data, less time to process transactions and even less time – the time it takes to click a button – to do the actual work.

    3.  Learn the True Value of Your Data

Simply put, data is a business’ greatest resource for growth. Ease of access and trust in that data, then, becomes your own chance to get time back for you….and the ones you love around you.

As much as your business needs an agile and flexible financial system to automate the processes under your purview, you need it more.

Ok, we’ve done our part. We started the conversation. The rest is up to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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