RecVue Partners with Effectus Group to Boost O2C Operations

RecVue, the next generation order-to-cash automation platform powering the Anything-as-a-Service (XaaS) economy, entered a strategic partnership with Effectus Group, a leading consulting firm working with technical accounting practices, to help companies with billing and revenue management.

Effectus Group’s financial operations domain expertise was a perfect fit with RecVue’s order-to-cash automation platform. Not only are they well-versed with the latest in financial reporting and revenue recognition standards, they also have extensive experience implementing technology to support revenue recognition and compliance requirements in some of the most innovative companies. With a broad set of technical accounting services, Effectus Group can help organizations deliver on their digital transformation and financial operations goals.

RecVue, meanwhile, boasts a revenue management solution that can help companies going through a period of rapid growth in recurring revenue, leading to complex transactions with amendments to customer orders and complicated compliance standards. RecVue’s solutions and products are well designed to handle and streamline these obstacles. RecVue is architected to support these complex transactions and contract amendments relating to customer orders, all while meeting strict ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance standards. RecVue’s big data platform is built from the ground up to handle enormous transaction volumes and can enhance any cloud or on-premise ERP solution in the areas of billing, revenue management, and partner compensation.

According to RecVue’s CRO, Eric Steller, “revenue management is becoming increasingly complex and manual processes are incapable of scaling to meet the needs of most businesses. RecVue has partnered with Effectus Group, so that RecVue’s customers can benefit from a top tier technical accounting firm to guide them as they rethink the entire order-to-cash process and implement the RecVue platform.”

“RecVue’s superior monetization platform processes large volumes of billings data, while maintaining strict compliance with the new revenue standard,” adds Mike Montgomery, CEO and Managing Partner, Effectus Group. According to him, this combination is critical for their clients as it allows clients to scale financial operations quickly and efficiently.

An interesting article by PYMNTS, summarizes the importance of these benefits and how a robust order-to-cash process can alleviate the problems of delayed payments and help move money more efficiently with minimal friction.

According to the article, in America’s $2.4 trillion manufacturing sector, outmoded invoicing and poorly managed payments have created familiar problems of cost/time overruns, book-keeping errors and the mayhem of inefficiency. In fact, 90 percent of all U.S. manufacturers report having been paid late by customers in the past year. However, there is relief in the form of digital order-to-cash (O2C) systems, removing friction and moving money faster between parties. 

Undoubtedly, O2C automation is one perfect option for trading partners that transact often. By integrating with customer relationship management (CRM) and accounts receivable systems (ARS), the companies are getting a deeper and clearer view of payments data with a smoother flow of payments. Moreover, the digital integrations, purchase controls and revenue management automation support ROI, scalability and assure business growth.

As we know, negative cash flow is a constant drain on operations. With accounting automation and monetization platforms that support and enhance ERP and CRM systems, businesses can manage the payment process and cash flow a lot more efficiently.

RecVue’s unified platform integrates with any CRM, ERP and front-end order processing systems, enabling customers to improve efficiencies across order-to-cash, revenue and general accounting, while gaining real-time access to data. Finance groups are able to increase accuracy and timeliness of billing and invoicing and aggregate billing information in a single system to improve analysis and forecasting. RecVue’s monetization platform includes a 360-degree view into the entire contract lifecycle, rules-based attribute pricing, complete order-to-invoice capabilities, pay-side management for third party obligations, and robust analytics and reporting.

RecVue’s solution helps enterprises manage their innovative business models and empower them with complete control over all aspects of their recurring revenue contracts at scale, while still maintaining flexibility for monetization innovation. The result is increased revenue growth, faster time to market and total visibility into all revenue streams.

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