May The Force Not Be With You

Let’s set the scene…

You’re running through the numbers at your cubicle six floors up in the tastefully designed Hutt Towers, which monopolizes much of the harsh, desert skyline on your home planet of Tatooine, and you come to your own harsh realization. Your company, like most spread through the galaxy, faces more complex billing issues these days, including usage-based modeling and hybrid scenarios, and you’re concerned the higher-ups will choose a solution which either doesn’t address everything or creates more problems when it does. 

The reason? Must be The Force.

Sure, you say, The Force may be an all-encompassing metaphysical energy binding everything together in the universe – I mean, it’s not like you’ve been stuck in the sarlacc for a millenia or two – and is super great in times of rebellion. Sometimes, however, these guys rely on it way too much. 

Those decision-makers, you’re thinking to yourself, assume a solution such as an ERP, which was never designed for such complex calculations, will somehow be able to handle different kinds of billing on a single contract. A single contract? Such systems were designed and created a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away when there was neither the wide variety of functional expectations heaped upon them nor the breadth of billing models to be considered.

Assuming The Force will take care of things is not the answer. Not in this galaxy.

Your slow burn of frustration grows along with the level of complexity among the subscription billing models as you realize the response your company has in mind will likely end up with either additional modules for you to manage or some form of customization for which you’ll also ultimately be responsible.

When your co-worker, Ben, greeted you the other morning in the blue milk break room with a hearty, “May the Force be with you,” it took all the restraint you could muster to not lash out at him with a retort of, “Is The Force going to magically address my new requirements for mixed revenue of billing for products, subscriptions and leased assets without customizing our inadequate legacy system, Ben? Is it??”

In the face of such an outdated, rigid solution environment – one in which even an ultimate solution of customized integration or additional modules may need to be stretched across multiple systems – wishing upon The Force will not give you the necessary rapid responsiveness to thousands of daily customer events inherent in today’s billing model.

What you ultimately need is a more agile, automated and experience-driven platform capable of addressing contemporary billing functionality.

Don’t Force It.

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