Webinar: What CFOs Need to Know about Creating and Sustaining a Recurring-Revenue Business

Until recently, finance executives in specific industries, such as telecommunications, needed to have a thorough understanding of all aspects of recurring-revenue business models, including pricing, billing, and contracts, in order to fulfill their roles as financial stewards of their companies.

But today, any type of business can offer services or products through subscriptions. In addition to subscriptions, companies are also introducing a variety of usage-based options, including tiered pricing for specific combinations of products and services, as well as discounts based on volume, the time of day, or the time of year.

Yet, as finance leaders have come to recognize, companies cannot take it for granted that simply applying recurring-revenue models to their existing businesses will be enough to boost earnings in the short term and assure customers’ loyalty over the long term.

During this Webcast, we highlight how finance leaders can establish and sustain successful recurring-revenue businesses. We will discuss:

  • How to determine optimal approaches to pricing and billing when developing subscription and usage-based models,
  • Which aspects of pricing, contracting, and invoicing, as well as complying with revenue recognition rules, make the most sense to automate, and
  • What finance leaders can learn from examples of best practices of how to streamline and maintain the agility of recurring-revenue businesses.

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