Nishant Nair

Nishant Nair is the Founder and CEO at RecVue, an enterprise-grade recurring billing and revenue management platform. He has spent 20+ years helping companies embrace quote-to-cash, subscription, and consumption-based processes and technologies to drive business growth. He has strong experience in leading business process and systems transformation at high growth, global companies including LinkedIn, Yelp, Pinterest, Dropbox, Lumosity, Equinix, Fujitsu,, Openwave, and Laserscope. Prior to RecVue, Nishant was a managing partner at Infovity, a technology company that helps enterprises implement, integrate, and develop applications using Oracle Cloud and Salesforce platform. He was responsible for overall operations including the growth strategy, solution roadmap, and customer success efforts. Nishant is also a frequent speaker at leading industry events and a valued contributor to the Forbes Technology Council.