Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence in Agile Monetization

Founded in 2015, RecVue was started with a vision, backed by passion, to make it easy for enterprises to monetize their offerings in the way customers want to consume and buy today and in the future. Our management team has spent decades serving enterprise customers in subscription contracts, recurring and usage-based billing, software design, and product development and brings expertise in leading technologies such as cloud, big data, and machine learning to the organization. Along with our platform, the RecVue team offers real-world enterprise experience and a commitment to client success that is second to none.

Nishant Nair

Founder & CEO

Taheri Saifee

VP, Product

Vincent Castiglione

VP, Finance & Alliances

Holly Roland

VP, Marketing

Anto Joseph

VP, Technology

Sujender Produturi

VP, Customer Success

Brennan Tougias

VP, Sales


Nishant Nair

Founder & CEO

Bobby Yazdani

Managing Partner, Cota Capital

Ken Ross

Strategic Advisor


Cota Capital

Cota Capital is a software-focused technology investment firm. Cota takes a unique and differentiated approach to investing by identifying attractive software and software-enabled technology investments across private and public markets, from early stage venture to public software companies. This thematic and stage agnostic approach provides flexibility to deploy funding at the most opportunistic points within the innovation and liquidity cycles. The firm is led by a strong team of investors, entrepreneurs and company-builders, and partners with world-class entrepreneurs and leadership teams to build businesses that leverage technology in innovative ways to disrupt all industries.

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