Why Finance Should Lead Digital Transformation

Yesterday at the Argyle CFO Leadership Forum in San Francisco, RecVue’s CEO, Nishant Nair, had the opportunity to present on the critical role of finance in digital transformation. Speaking to a packed room of finance executives, Nishant highlighted the results of a recent Gartner study which found that while 87% of respondents believe that digitalization […]


RecVue CEO Nishant Nair to Speak at Argyle 2019 CFO Leadership Forum

RecVue is pleased to sponsor the 2019 Argyle CFO Leadership Forum on February 6 in San Francisco. The forum will focus on the evolving role of the finance executive. Today’s finance executives are at the forefront of business transformation, leading their teams and organizations into a new era of driving successful strategic outcomes and exploiting […]


Revenue and Compliance Should Not be Complicated.

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