Partner Compensation Management

Managing revenue across multi-party networks.

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The Problem

Years ago, revenue accounting was little more than the fairly straightforward sell, ship, and invoice process. Today large organizations have an ecosystem of partners; supplying goods and services and originating orders or royalty payments for licensed products. In this case, revenue driven by either subscription and/or usage, needs to be apportioned to a variety of third parties:

That’s led to a tangled set of inbound and outbound payment flows

– in almost limitless combinations

– managed by separate payable, receivable, and billing systems and applications.

Key Considerations

Customer contract modifications change partner compensation amounts

Revenue share models can include channel partner resell agreements, royalties, and outcomebased bonuses

Customer consumption and usage drives partner compensation amounts

The RecVue Solution

A unified contract for payables and receivables centralizes the complexity of contract modifications within one system

Tiered compensation based on aggregation of individual transactions and originator agents

Attribute-based rules to allow for regional site and product variations

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