Usage & Data


Consume data from any source. Reconcile and monitor real-time customer usage data from multiple inputs in one billing solution.

Collect from
 Any Source

Gather data from IOT sensors, machines, files, APIs, applications, and even mobile devices.

 and Enhance

Convert data with built-in rules and custom formulas. Add information to selected records.

Measuring usage is critical to understanding how your customers are using your products and services. With this information you can improve your product offerings, packages, pricing models, and future offerings.

To maximize value in subscription and recurring revenue models, you also need to apply a cost or rating to customer usage. RecVue usage and rating capabilities mean you do not need to spend time with spreadsheets and detailed accounting calculations.

RecVue monitors and collects usage data in real-time so you can see how your products are being used and apply a cost to this usage. And then with the power of big data, you can tap into predictive insights and analysis to strategically price, bundle, and package your products and services.

To further streamline management and processing, take advantage of RecVue’s intelligent rules-based automated mediation functionality. Configure custom billing rules however it makes sense for you and your customers. There are no limits – configure rules based on customer, package, subscription model, location, promotion, etc.

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The XaaS economy is evolving in part due to the types of products and services companies are monetizing. This boom in Internet-based services and products means that companies are struggling to reliably collect and calculate customer usage data.

RecVue takes the complexity out of collecting, collating, and calculating usage data. Our usage and rating technologies mean that we can collect data from any input source.

Configure RecVue to gather data from a range of sources including IOT sensors, machines, files, APIs, applications, mobile devices, wearables, and more. Integrate with our API to define custom data sources and usage models.

Multiple inputs, one bill

Revenue leakage happens when you manually process usage and rating data from multiple inputs. With RecVue, we do this for you, saving you time, preventing revenue leakage, and ensuring that every customer gets an accurate and timely bill, invoice, credit or debit card charge, or automatic deduction.

Flexible usage and rating models

We know that pricing models, packages, promotions, data sources, and customer needs fluctuate. Because of this we use flexible usage and rating models that make it easy for you to define custom rules, however and whenever you need to.

Reliably monetize any product, service, subscription model, and usage data source.


Usage-based product and service consumption means that legacy billing systems no longer work. Just as you have made a large pivot with your product and services packages, bundles, and pricing – you have to do the same with how you bill and invoice your customers.

RecVue recognizes that no two customers are the same and that usage sources, inputs, and rates are constantly changing. The solution to changing usage rates and subscription models is real-time mediation and billing.

Configure RecVue to automatically bill, invoice, deduct, or charge your customers in real-time based on unique characteristics such as promotions, coupons, products and services used, and usage numbers.

Prevent revenue leakage

Because customers can instantly change their subscription or pricing model with a quick click, tap, or swipe, it can be challenging to know when and what to bill for. Accurately pro-rate invoices for partial periods resulting from these changes and track upcoming renewals.

Intelligent mediation and billing

You have a range of customers and this translates into multiple product and service packages, bundles, and pricing models. This means there is not one way to bill and invoice. RecVue gives you a range of mediation and billing data to help you improve efficiencies, maximize value, mitigate loss, and improve customer satisfaction.

No one wants to deal with late payments, confusing bills, or conflicting usage rates. Trust in RecVue to simplify mediation so you can focus on developing new products and services.

Maximize your revenue potential in the XaaS economy with RecVue.

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