Attribute-Based Rating & Pricing


Big data gives you endless flexibility with the confidence that comes from predictive insight. Capture any data type, structured or unstructured, and dynamically rate millions of transactions.

With RecVue you have complete freedom to do what makes the most sense for your customers and the market. There are no limits on how customers are billed, how they subscribe to your products and services, and how you bundle your offerings.

Backed by big data, we give you predictive insights, analysis, and number-crunching so you know when to make adjustments to your pricing, bundling, promotions, products and services – ensuring you maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Be confident that you’re giving customers what they want, when and how they want it. Know how and when customers are using your products and services and use this to tailor subscription and pricing models that maximize value and revenue.

No limits, infinite opportunities

Subscription-based and recurring revenue models put the customer front-and-center. Give customers the options that make sense for them - multiple billing options, flexible subscriptions, creative packages and bundles, and complete billing transparency.

Simplified pricing rule management

Managing multiple product and service options with a range of pricing models can be challenging. RecVue eliminates complexity with our intelligent pricing engine. Easily configure dynamic pricing rules using contract attributes or usage record attributes.

Subscription-based billing and the XaaS economy are all about flexibility. The customer gets what they need when and where they need it. This means you need a monetization platform that does the same for you. Get the real-time intelligence, reports, and analysis that makes it easy for you to build customer longevity.

Harness your potential and extend customer satisfaction with RecVue.