2020 Oracle ERP Cloud order-to-cash best practices kit

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It’s the heart and soul of your financial operations – the billing system. For years (perhaps decades), you’ve gradually assembled, integrated, and customized an enterprise-class legacy system that your business relies on to efciently translate orders into revenue. But two major factors have jeopardized the future of these expensive on-premise systems

First, the functionality requirements are vastly greater today. That’s because the pace, volume, and nature of business have undergone fundamental transformation. Today, it’s no longer about sell, ship, invoice, and book. Instead, responding to the demands and expectations of their customers, businesses are offering innumerable creative options for selling products and services – from subscriptions and consumption-based sales to intricate, nuanced channel incentives and partner relationships. Outdated billing systems simply can’t keep up with those new demands.

Second, the time and expense required to continue to customize and maintain those systems continues to grow. Making changes to fragile billing systems introduces unacceptable risks. Upgrade cycles can be lengthy and expensive – leading many organizations to skip needed updates, exposing them to additional risks and leaving them unable to capitalize on functional improvements.


The Future For Billing Is Cloudy – And That’s A Good Thing

In almost every area of enterprise, cloud-based computing has not only taken hold – it has dominated. And for very good reasons. Cloud architectures and Software as a Service offer greater advantages in a variety of areas:

  • Economics – With no capital investments, companies purchase only the computing resources they need, usually on a per-user/per-month subscription that provides maximum flexibility.
  • Scalability – When you grow, you simply add users on-demand without the headaches and investments that on-premise computing requires.
  • Security – Cloud vendors can deploy rigorous security frameworks that few companies have the resources and expertise to match.
  • Availability – With their world-class infrastructures, cloud vendors can offer extraordinary levels of availability – a crucial requirement for billing processes
  • Business continuity – Your business can’t afford downtime in the event of a crisis or disruption. Cloud vendors have the redundant equipment and facilities to keep your billing processes rolling.


A Better Solution – RecVue’s Monetization Cloud on Oracle’s PAAS

How do you bring your custom billing system – the irreplaceable foundation of your revenue, accounting, and finance operations – to the cloud where you can take advantage of modern computing architectures?

The fact is, in most instances, the customized nature of your billing system will inherently prevent you from moving to the cloud. There are too many complexities standing in the way of a feasible migration. But given the risks, the prospect of replacing such a crucial system can be daunting. That leads to a painful choice: Should I stay or should I go?

We are here to tell you there is a third choice.: RecVue the enterprise-class monetization platform that is built to be hosted on the Oracle PaaS foundation. With RecVue, you get the security of the Oracle Cloud and the rich functionality of an upgradable world-class billing platform.

Order Lifecycle Management

Pre-Validate Pricing and Bundles

Test sample orders to gain predictive insights into key metrics.


Total Contract Value





Automatically Apply Uplifts

Use an index, fixed percentage, or a fixed amount.


Centrally Track Amendments

Audit trails deliver insight throughout the life of a contract.


Product Catalog Management

Time-Based Product Hierarchies

Use detailed audit trails to understand how packaging has changed over time.



Configurable Pricing Models

Speed the time to set up contracts with pre-defined pricing models.

Price Type

Use Standard or Custom Billing Cycles

Bill based on customer-specific triggers or custom calendars.

Billing Frequency


What RecVue Brings To Oracle Cloud Financials

With RecVue as the new billing foundation, companies have rapid access to the modern, automated billing functionality that contemporary business models require. Whether it’s travel/transportation, leasing, franchising, media, business services, or other sector, you’re able to support complex business models: multi-attribute ratings, partner payments and commissions, overage pricing, delivery-based invoicing, subscriptions, and more – all with GAAP-compliant revenue recognition.

Multi-Attribute Rating

Create pricing and rating models by combining any number of attributes to calculate prices in real time, during booking, or upon fulfillment. You can also compare different models before you go to market to optimize your revenue.

Agile Billing

From one-time charges and simple subscriptions to complex usage-based models, RecVue lets you choose the events that trigger billing and revenue recognition. Group your bill runs based on almost any criteria for greater efciency. Pre-validate those bill runs and then deliver customized invoices tailored to customer preferences.

Complete Revenue Recognition

RecVue’s single source of truth eliminates complexity, reduces errors, and ensures compliance and auditability.

Usage-Based Pricing

RecVue can automatically collect, transform, and enhance usage data from virtually any system and aggregate it into a single format to prevent revenue leakage. Bill estimated usage and true-up based on actuals.

Pricing & Product Catalog

This flexible product catalog and dynamic pricing engine work in tandem to model any configuration, service, term, and pricing model with standard or custom billing cycles.

Order Lifecycle Management

Centrally track and view each contract through its entire lifecycle. That means you never miss a renewal, price adjustment, or amendment.

Third-Party Commissions

It’s the billing solution that understands the complexities of payments in the channel. You can calculate revenue shares and automate pay-side obligations.


By harnessing the value of your data, RecVue gives you real-time actionable insights with dozens of pre-built reports and easy drag-and-drop designs for custom reports.


The Smarter Way to Handle Third-Party Commissions

Revenue share with third-party partners has taken on the same recurring complexity as subscriptions. Commissions are not only paid cyclically or on a billing cycle, but they vary because they are based on what the customer consumes in the period. RecVue offers the power and sophistication to automate, accelerate, and manage complex, GAAP-compliant payment inflows and outflows across distributor and partner networks. Bi-directionally integrating with Oracle Cloud Financials. RecVue has the flexibility to handle complex scenarios such as flat fees, tiered models, commissions, usage/consumption billing, discounts, escalators, and more. That means better margin analysis across millions of transactions. What’s more, RecVue captures usage data from virtually any source and translates it into a standard rating format for both billing and third-party commission calculations.


The Ideal Complement – Built For Oracle Cloud Financials

As a certified Oracle Cloud Partner, RecVue capitalizes on the Oracle Platform-as-a-Service and infrastructure in several important ways:

The Right Data Structure

RecVue’s data structure mirrors that of the Oracle platform, enabling it to leverage customer account records directly from Oracle in a seamless two-way exchange of data. RecVue does not act as a system of record for customers or suppliers – it leverages that data from Oracle.

Unified Customer Record

RecVue uses the Oracle customer account master from Oracle Financials- no duplication of customer information.

Unmatched Reliability

Since RecVue resides on the Oracle Cloud platform, it’s supported by world-class infrastructure and IT resources, ensuring you have superior SLAs, security, and performance. What’s more, RecVue upgrades move in sync with upgrades to Oracle Cloud Financials.

Smart Invoicing

RecVue acts as the system of record for line items and complex calculations – and then transparently passes invoice line items directly to Oracle in a native manner. Oracle issues the invoices, automates collections processes, and manages the receivables process.


As companies contend with constantly changing environment – new business models, new markets, new pricing schemes, new products, and more – it’s more important than ever to avoid “one-trick pony” software that only addresses today’s challenge and inevitably leads to technology dead ends. Business is changing, and companies need future-proof apps – backed by experts and infrastructure – that can adapt to new market dynamics.

In business monetization, RecVue offers a proven and robust platform that lets companies react to opportunities at the “speed of business” today. For more information, visit www.recvue.com

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