RecVue featured as Oracle Big Data Customer

September 27, 2017

Published by: serena

RecVue has been selected to be featured on the Oracle website as an Oracle Big Data customer. Our agile monetization platform drives new revenue and reduces total cost of ownership using the Oracle Big Data Cloud. We currently manage over $5 billion in recurring billing and revenue and over 50 million transactions annually and are set to more than double these figures as some of our newer customers go-live.

“We did a thorough evaluation of all the players to determine which technologies would work best for us and our customers. In the end, we decided to build RecVue with Oracle Cloud technology powered by Oracle Big Data Cloud,” said Nishant Nair, Founder and CEO of RecVue. “Our vision was to build a platform that is secure, scalable and flexible that works for a $20 million company as well as a $20 billion company. Oracle is a proven technology that has the security, the scalability, the flexibility, and a name that enterprise customers trust. We have also invested in integrations to systems like Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle ERP Cloud, Netsuite, Avalara Tax Engine etc. ensuring our customers have a seamless experience.”

“Recvue analyzes trillions of data points in real time and batch to provide robust recurring revenue contract management platform,” added Anto Joseph, vice president of technology. “Oracle Big Data Cloud helps Recvue offer complex usage-based pricing models for large data sets at a competitive price—driving new revenue and gaining competitive edge.”

Revenue and Compliance Should Not be Complicated.

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