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High-Performance Network Provider

High-performance network provider demands high-performance billing solution

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The Company

For over 25 years, this leading company has provided highly reliable and scalable, all-fiber networking solutions with the highest levels of customer service and support.

From back-up and recovery, content carriage, and media distribution to medical imaging, distance learning, and cloud connectivity, this company designs networks that support the applications needed to drive organizational goals. Thousands of the largest enterprises, carriers, educational institutions, and governments trust them to aggregate and transport their critical network services. The company’s network extends across 33,000 route miles throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest, providing dense connectivity to 22,000+ service locations, 275+ data centers, and 5,000+ wireless towers, rooftop cell sites, and small cells.

The Challenge

Over the years, the company has experienced tremendous growth both organically and through acquisitions, which in turn created strain on their back-office operations; particularly their legacy billing software. The complexity of the B2B contracts, their volume, and the pricing strategies—such as free subscription months or pricing uplifts—resulted in significant manual workarounds. Simulating new subscription models with complex pricing and billing rules became impossible with the legacy billing system and Excel®. Their ability to meet customer demand and competitive pressures was limited, as was the adoption of new subscription models.

The Solution

Thus, the company embarked on a project to update their back-office technology to a more modern, flexible, and scalable billing solution. They selected RecVue, a high-performance, recurring billing and revenue management platform, to automate their Order-to-Invoicing process. By supporting flexible one-time, subscription or consumption-based billing scenarios, RecVue makes the complexity of telecommunication contracts simple.

RecVue’s CRM integration allows their sales team to create contracts in their CRM and automatically interface them into RecVue in real-time. The billing team can preview the new contract information and ensure accuracy prior to billing the customer. Native integration to Oracle ERP Cloud (formerly Oracle Fusion) automates back-end operations for invoicing and revenue recognition, effectively eliminating the time- consuming, manual workarounds. The RecVue Insights Engine allows the company to forecast revenue backlog and track key performance metrics critical to their subscription
business success.

The Benefits

By implementing RecVue, the company is able to drive operational efficiency, while having the flexibility and scalability to keep pace with their high growth rate and market demands. By eliminating manual processes and workarounds, they have experienced an improved time-to-close, reduction in human errors, and prevention of revenue leakage due to billing inaccuracies. Furthermore, they are able to goto-market with new subscription and consumption-based business models, hereby keeping their competitive edge.

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