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Transforming the Middle Office

Middle Office

Companies of all sizes and sectors are facing a growing gap between their front office (CRM) and back office (ERP)—a series of mission-critical business processes called the middle office. The middle office is the command center for the enterprise, encompassing all of the business functions that sit between the traditional front-and-back systems—from initial engagement, managing relationships and complex O2C processes such as billing, revenue management and channel partner compensation.

The Gap

This ever growing gap between CRM and ERP is creating business complexity, increasing cost of operations and creating risk for enterprises, when they can least afford to do so. Faced with data silos, fragmented and often manual processes, and custom-built applications and spreadsheets, many enterprises are forced to do complicated data integrations and process changes to make CRM and ERP systems work together. This has made it much harder for them to embrace innovation, be agile and change their business models and revenue streams if needed.
  • Manual processes
  • Creates business complexity
  • Stifles innovation
  • Not scalable
  • Prevents growth

RecVue Solution

Purpose Built
Purpose Built
Enterprise Ready
Enterprise Ready
Flexible and Scalable
Flexible and Scalable

RecVue addresses this middle office gap more efficiently and effectively by fully automating the complex O2C processes for today’s enterprises. RecVue has pioneered the industry’s only suite of purpose-built Order Lifecycle Management (OLM) solutions that are purpose-built to address this growing gap. Our OLM solutions automate and streamline middle office processes at scale and speed, so our customers can fully automate complex order-to-cash processes for billing, revenue, accruals management and channel partner payments—all in a single solution.

RecVue’s mission is to accelerate business model innovation at scale and speed for companies of all sizes and sectors. We see a world in which a company’s ability to adapt and thrive is never limited by the complexity of their business models.

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Today, our customers are closing their books faster, mitigating compliance risks more effectively, and lowering their overhead costs by more than 60%. They’re unlocking even more value from their existing ERP and CRM systems. And finally they’re able to innovate and operate new business models and manage complex revenue streams at unprecedented scale, speed and efficiency.

To realize their true revenue potential in the post Covid world, enterprises would need to be agile enough to accelerate their cash flow, harness diverse revenue streams, and manage revenue share arrangements with their channel partners seamlessly and efficiently. RecVue’s OLM solutions are designed precisely to deliver such functionalities. We are confident that the middle office capabilities we’re creating will become competitive differentiators across multiple industries. And at a macro level, we hope to play a small part in the economic recovery by accelerating business model innovation—for everyone.

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