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Product Catalog

Using RecVue’s product catalog, sell and manage various subscription and usage-based products. Define product bundles and product hierarchies. Track add-ons and upsells. Enable customers to try products for free. Bring new and innovative products to market successfully. Our product catalog has all the features you need.

Dynamic Pricing Engine

Offer your customer contracts with pricing based on units, duration or multiple tiers. Pricing can be determined at the time of booking an order or at the time of fulfillment. Capture discounts and pricing based on different units of measure. Run revenue analysis based on different pricing models to know and improve pricing strategy.

Billing Automation

Automate creation of customer invoices with RecVue’s robust and feature rich billing application with support for multiple billing frequencies. Define billing rules, caps and billing triggers as per the terms of the contract. RecVue’s dynamic billing engine supports various one-time, recurring and usage-based billing scenarios.

Revenue Management

Capture multi element arrangements; assign revenue plans and accounting rules to ensure revenue gets recognized in the right period. Capture revenue and contingency triggers, schedule your revenue over a specific period and integrate with your financials system.

Change Requests

Centralize amendments and change request management throughout the lifetime of an order. Integrate your CRM system or create change requests directly in RecVue and orchestrate its fulfillment.


With RecVue Insights, track specific key performance indicators to understand your organization’s financial performance, revenue trends and customer’s behavior. Gather real-time insights at the click of a button.


RecVue’s open API library makes it easy for you to integrate with any CRM, ERP and Fulfillment systems. Take advantage of pre-built integrations with leading CRM and ERP applications.

Secure Cloud Platform

RecVue is built on industry leading Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS), a highly secure, scalable and enterprise grade cloud platform-as-a-service. RecVue offers 99.5% service availability, secure cloud-based infrastructure, data redundancy, and disaster recovery.


Deriving measurable ROI is one of the most important objectives of RecVue. Pre-defined configuration templates and excel based data import capabilities enables RecVue to be up and running in matter of weeks.

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